Saturday, June 2, 2007

Microsoft Surface: Not close to home, but cool for business

Last week Microsoft release a preview of Microsoft Surface. I been watching some cool demos of surface and gestural interface computing systems and prototypes at sites like Engaget and YouTube for a while, but it looks like MS has something that is almost ready for prime time.

What MS is showing is a 30 inch table like screen that can interact with devices like the Zune (which as a Canadian still does not exist in my world) and a Mobile device.

I don't see this as a home item yet (although I'd love one right now), however, as a tool for marketers this is huge.

Take a look at the three flash videos on the Microsoft site (

My head is already filling with ideas for retail applications of this technology to their online initiatives. Now I need to see who I can plead with at Microsoft to get me early access to the technology. I'll keep you posted.

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